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Why I stopped using GotoWebinar, and switched to EasyWebinar!

We used to use GotoWebinar a lot, but we found a few things a little clunky.

For example, additional software was required to have automated webinar registrations.

Once webinars are recorded, they need to be downloaded and uploaded manually.

We found a really cool product called EasyWebinar.

Probably the most fantastic feature of EasyWebinar is… wait for it – you can have automated webinars!

Want to know what an automated webinar is?

It’s a way of doing a webinar once, recording it, then having an evergreen repeat of he same webinar … as if its live!

You can run the webinar monthly, weekly, even daily, and it seems to the end user as if it’s a live webinar. You can even answer their questions afterwards that people post by email – and keep them engaged in your funnel.

EasyWebinar integrates with Google Hangouts, so uploading it once the webinar is complete is super easy – Google records and saves it for you automatically.

The software gives you a customizable registration page, and you have an automated series of reminder e-mails.

You can even target no-shows with emails inviting them to the uploaded recording, or to the next “live” webinar (which is also recorded)

This is really a great ways of using webinars in your selling process in an automate way.

And… at $57 per month it is way cheaper than GotoWebinar!

Click here to go to EasyWebinar and sign up for a free trial!